Integra has “Inside Track” on Oracle 11gR2

Today, Oracle announced public availability of it’s much-anticipated 11gR2 database. While others will be scrambling to catch up and figure out what this new release is all about, Integra is fortunate to have the “inside track” on 11gR2. In July, Integra was hand-picked by Oracle to be among a select group of twelve from around the world to participate in Oracle’s final beta for 11gR2, assisting Oracle’s product engineers and product managers to fine-tune the database prior to its public launch.

As a result, our team at Integra now has a level of detailed knowledge and expertise on 11gR2 that is virtually unmatched.

I’m sure in the coming days, many Oracle customers will be full of questions, comments, and observations about the new 11gR2 database. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments here, or on our Facebook discussion board. You can also read more about our participation in the Oracle 11gR2 beta program in this press release.


Eric Heine, Vice President
Integra Technology Consulting
eheine at integratc dot com

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