Oracle 11gR2 Database: An Expert’s Insider Insights

Integra’s Jason Buchanan, a 17-year veteran of the Oracle Database with over 60 11g RAC and 14 Active Data Guard implementations, is arguably now one of the world’s foremost experts on the Oracle 11gR2 database. He was recently among just twelve people from around the world hand-picked by Oracle to participate in the rigorous final beta test for the product.

Asked about his observations from the 11gR2 beta program, Buchanan mentioned that this was one of the most thorough, well-run beta programs he has ever seen. “Oracle spent more time and money on bug, feature, and stress testing than they ever have for any prior release of the database. They know they face increasing competition from the likes of DB2, SQL Server, and Postgres Enterprise DB, and Larry Ellison realizes [the 11gR2 database] must be rock solid,” said Buchanan.

Mr. Buchanan clearly took that premise to heart: during his time at Oracle’s Redwood Shores headquarters, he was unquestionably one of the most productive beta testers, a testament to both his level of dedication, and his overall 11g database expertise. Owing in part to his testing efforts and direct interaction with Oracle’s product engineers, the production release of 11gR2 is clearly the best-tested database to ship from Oracle yet.

Buchanan also notes that expert guidance during the upgrade process is critical, especially for customers of older Oracle database versions such as 10g or 9i, since it is the current-version customers who will receive priority support from Oracle. “We have the contacts at Oracle, the insights, and the hands-on experience with 11gR2 to know the stuff they’ll never find in the manuals. We can help customers quickly determine what new features they can take advantage of,” Buchanan said.

As a result of his work on the Oracle 11gR2 database beta test team, Mr. Buchanan has a number of observations relevant to customers considering upgrading to or adopting the 11gR2 database platform. Each of these will be described in more detail in the coming days in a multi-part blog series:

7 Things You Need to Know About Oracle 11gR2

  1. All New Oracle 11gR2 Concept Guides
  2. The Inside Scoop on Oracle 11gR2 ASM
  3. How to Streamline Your Oracle 11gR2 Installation Process
  4. Understanding the CRS to Grid Transition in Oracle 11gR2
  5. Top 5 Tips for Reducing TCO with Oracle 11gR2
  6. Oracle 11gR2 Exadata Upgrade Secrets Revealed
  7. How to Bulletproof your Upgrade to Oracle 11gR2

Please check back here frequently to read Jason Buchanan’s “insider” advice about Oracle 11gR2.

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