Things You Need to Know About Oracle 11gR2 — Part 4: Understanding the CRS to Grid Transition in Oracle 11gR2

Continuing our seven-part blog mini-series entitled “7 Things You Need to Know About Oracle 11gR2″, Integra Senior DBA Jason Buchanan, recently one of just twelve people from around the world hand-picked by Oracle to participate in the Oracle 11gR2 final beta, offers his thoughts on the CRS to Grid transition in Oracle 11gR2:

Oracle 11g Release 2 provides a streamlined upgrade solution for the database and supportive products such as CRS and ASM. It’s important to take into consideration some of the changes in 11.2, specifically the location of where CRS and ASM binaries are located.

For the most part, upgrading the database and database binaries is much the same as upgrading previous releases – but CRS is different.

CRS isn’t really CRS anymore, either. It is now the Oracle Grid Infrastructure which is comprised of CRS and ASM, rolled into a single Oracle home. An existing CRS installation is upgraded by creating and installing to a new Grid Infrastructure home. From a migration/upgrade perspective this implies the requirement of approximately 4GB of storage for the Grid Infrastructure home. The old CRS home can eventually be archived or deleted.

The CRS to Grid upgrade procedure is streamlined and relatively worry-free – I have done this dozens of times this year and have not experienced upgrade problems except for problems that were pre-existing misconfigurations by the client. Network issues such as incorrect subnet masks, static routes, MTU size mismatch, etc. are usually caused by improper setup and not an Oracle software problem.

Ideally, the best upgrade method from 11.1 to 11.2 is in the form of a migration rather than an in-place upgrade. This is the quickest path to upgrading not only the database but the hardware, storage and OS, and a means to clean out Oracle homes with several patch levels applied.

Please check back soon for Jason’s next entry in this blog series: “Top 5 Tips for Reducing TCO with Oracle 11gR2″.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments here, or on our Facebook discussion board!


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  1. Rahul Says:

    Excellent tip. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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